The 21 Day Yoga Challenge

By Amy Wood

This summer I decided to do a 21 Day Yoga Challenge at New Day Yoga. Here’s Why:

After 2 kids, and several years of not making exercise a priority, my physical health was the worst it had ever been. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in college, I had good days and bad days for years. Headaches, body aches, muscle pain, brain fog, you name it, I had it.  Coming from a family with obesity, cancer, addiction, and organ failure, I never knew that you could actually do things like exercise and eat the right foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a kid I took dance classes and played sports, but that wasn’t “exercise” it was “fun.” Luckily, I took after the “better” half of our family who had a decent metabolism and stayed fairly thin – so I thought. When I turned 30 and started having children my body changed in so many ways. Before, I never really had to work at looking okay in clothes. My petite frame didn’t gain weight too easy, but I didn’t bounce back after kids. The weight kept piling on, year by year, and not only did I feel out of place in my own body, I started to hate it. I was tired of failing crash diets, paying for overrated spa treatments to “firm things up” and wasting my time looking for a quick fix. I always had the best intentions to make a lifestyle change, but eating right all the time was hard, and exercise left me feeling terrible for days because the recovery time was torture. The only exercise that ever left me feeling refreshed was yoga.

It was time to make a change – a permanent one. So, I set a goal for 21 days. I could do anything for 3 weeks! Here’s what happened:

The instructors who shared their time and expertise every day made it easy. The no-pressure atmosphere of New Day Yoga made me feel safe, comfortable and ready to return every day. I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day. My body always felt refreshed and prepared for the day. I wasn’t dehydrated, because I craved water. My skin cleared up. My muscles didn’t ache. I could feel myself getting stronger. What about the recovery? Recovery occurred when I went to the next yoga class. The deep stretch and breathing that takes place during an hour of yoga is healing for the body. The positive changes were many, and the list just goes on. Thanks to New Day Yoga and the Yoga Challenge, I started a lifestyle that I love, and will continue for a lifetime.

I encourage you to take the Yoga Challenge at New Day Yoga. Don’t wait, and look back wishing you had made a change a month or even a year from now. Start today. You have nothing to lose, just a lifestyle to gain.

One thought on “The 21 Day Yoga Challenge

  1. Mary Lou

    I have fibromyalgia…I am looking forward to gaining my body and peace of mind back. I have been so stressed about this new diagnosis…but happy to know what it is that I am dealing. NOW the work of putting my body in good capable hands to help!


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